Hello and Happy Monday friends! Today we are coming in the blog to talk about a frequently asked question: “How do I properly clean and care for my brand new table?”

Our tables are long lasting, heirloom pieces that will be in your family for many years to come. In order for them to have a long life – proper care is vital to maintain the finish and look of your piece.


For Proper Cleaning :: Water on cloth is best. However if your table is unfinished it requires specific instructions. Please contact us if you have an unfinished table and have questions for cleaning.

For Crumbs + Dust :: If you have purchased a Farm-Seamed top you will inevitably get dust or crumbs in the cracks. A vacuum is an easy fix to rid of them. If you have a sticky substance in the cracks use a soft bristle brush and water.

To Maintain A Quality Finish :: Using water or natural/organic products for cleaning will ensure a longer lasting beautiful finish. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and cleaners. Keep heat off of the table by always using a protective hot plate under hot items. This will help maintain the integrity of the finish.

These few tips will help you properly care for your new Rustic Trades Table to ensure it staying in the highest of quality. Have specific questions about your table or piece? Get connected with us here.

-The Team at RTF