Custom Hancrafted Farm Tables and Furniture

Yes, We Have A Table For THAT Space In Your Home.

Imagine you (or your client) moves into a home you fell in love with that has a space you’re unsure what to do with. All of the brick and mortar

How To Choose the Best Table Size For Your Home

Picking the right size table can be stressful. We just made it easier for you. Here are our tips to ensure your custom table size is perfect for your space!

4 Tips for Buying a Custom Table

Buying custom furniture can be stressful. We are here to make it easy! These four tips will change your shopping process. 1.Understand Your Wood Type Hardwoods are sustainable, durable, and

What You Need To Know About Live Edge Tables

Live Edge tables are easily the most asked about product we offer. And today we are gonna let you in on HOW. ?? Live Edge is a style of furniture

What You Need to Fill Your Home Office

Did you know that 52% of employees around the world work from home at least once per week? ? These numbers are higher than EVER before and rising. Effective home

Why Hardwoods Are A Necessary Investment

Do you remember the table you sat at as a child – at every family gathering, birthday dinner, or thanksgiving feast? That table took on everything – from baby food

Come Into Our Shop!

Do you ever look at your new modern industrial table or desk and wonder how it came to be? How the base was welded and finished so intricately? Our team

What is Trending This Spring

DRIFTWOOD / METALS / QUARTZ This spring we have seen Rustic Driftwood Oak gain major traction amongst our customers, we have extended our metal base offerings, and we just got

Highlighting Jill Timlin with Color Fresh Home Designs!

Here at Rustic Trades – we have the honor of working closely with incredibly talented designers. Whether it is for a single piece of furniture, a series of pieces, or

Natural Walnut – The Wood of The Season

Walnut is one of our warmest wood offerings and has beautiful variety in every piece. Walnut is a hardwood with beautiful grain texture and detail. We offer a variety of